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Waving Piping Distribution Centre

Experience, Efficiency, Effective – words Clean and retrieve strive towards.

  •  All surfaces are textured to the highest quality.
  •  Industrial strength shot blasters can tackle any obstacle.
  •  Out of hours? No problem for our approved contractor Riggotts Line Marking.

Waving Piping Distribution Centre Waving Piping Distribution Centre Waving Piping Distribution Centre


Amazon Distribution Centre

We undertook the following for Amazon Distribution Centre:

  •  Stripped the surface of the original coating
  •  Our approved contractor Riggotts reapplied lines to client’s specification

Amazon Distribution Centre Amazon Distribution Centre


ASDA Warehouses

ASDA DC network has approved our specialist compact captive shot blasters for there self-propelled with no cables or vacuum hoses trailing, no use of generators, and approved the uses of FLT gas that operates the machine.

Once the surface had been textured for improved adhesion, our approved contractor Riggotts delivered the line markings effectively and efficiently.

ASDA Warehouses ASDA Warehouses


CCF Manchester

Fast and efficient and the best machine in the UK market.

Using our approved contractor Riggotts Line Marking they can provide the best line marking services available in conjunction with our texturing and re-texturing compact captive shot blaster machines.

CCF Manchester

Approved Contractor